A nightstand, bedside table, or bedside chest, also known as a nightstand, bedside table, or dastard, is simply a small, compact table or cabinet intended to stand next to a bed or else in a bedroom to either display clothing or store smaller items. Most modern nightstands are also small bedside tables, most often with at least one or few drawers and less often with a small drawer door at the bottom. This type of stand can be found in many different styles such as antique, mission, cottage or classic; wood or metal; and many in just about any color or finish you can imagine.
Today, our bedrooms are not merely places for sleeping but are also main rooms in which to unwind and relax. A good night's sleep is probably a once-a-month occurrence and our bedrooms should be placed to feel at peace and comfort, where we can relax and come together to enjoy our favorite hobbies and conversation. Therefore, the furniture we choose for our bedrooms should reflect both our personalities and our styles, since a good piece of furniture can tell a lot about our personality and taste. This is why choosing the right bedside table or nightstand is one of the first steps in creating a comfortable and inviting bedroom that will give us years of enjoyment.
The bedside table or nightstand has several functions other than to hold clothing and other belongings. While it may have a drawer, it could also have shelves or even a shelf or two for a book or an item of clothing. Many nightstands today have both drawers and shelves, allowing for easy storage of books and clothing. If your bed has drawers or shelves, the drawers can generally accommodate other items like blankets and pillows or anything else that would normally be placed on the nightstand.
If you do not already own a bedside table or nightstand, it might be time to add one to your bedroom or to replace that furniture with new additions. When you find the perfect one that matches your room's decor, you will know that this piece of furniture will enhance the look and feel of your room and help you get more out of your bedroom time. Bedroom furniture should be durable and functional. Your bedroom should not become a place of stress and fatigue, but a relaxing and comfortable space in which to sleep and relax. Choosing the right bedside table or nightstand is the first step to taking this next step.
One type of bedside table and nightstand that you might find helpful has small drawers, usually about three inches wide and deep. This would be useful for placing small items, such as socks or underwear, into during the night, and can also serve as a place for you to store small gadgets, such as your cell phone or MP3 player. You could use these items to make your bed look more inviting, by putting them on the bedside table and nightstand. Other types of bedside tables and nightstands that you might want to consider include those that have one or two drawers, which would be useful for containing books and other reading materials during the night; a model that has one or two chairs that are slightly raised above the floor, allowing you to lay back against them; and the standard style bedside table and nightstand that has a drawer or two in each corner of the unit.
When you are choosing a bedside table or nightstand, it is important to consider what you will be using it for. You will need to determine the specific functions that you want it to perform. Do you need it to store and conceal things that are within reach of your bed; do you need one that is large enough to accommodate your entire bedroom; or do you simply want one that is smaller than your bed and desk? Once you have decided on the function of the bedside table and nightstand that you are looking to buy, then you can shop around until you find one that fits in with the other items you already have in your bedroom. Keep in mind that not all beds have the same size drawers, so you must choose one that is going to fit snuggly into your bed, even if it is a larger size than what you currently have.